About Angela Davis L

My childhood contained traumatic, life altering experiences—coupled with grace and love. 


As I grew into adulthood, my yearning for healing, an authentic identity, and intentional lifestyle pushed me to go within myself, find the purpose in my path and create the space in which I wanted to live—a space held to authentically align with my highest self. This inner-yearning produced healing, awakening, and metamorphosis, as I transmuted my experiences into life lessons. 


This work was born out of my life’s transformation and my calling to help others transform their lives for the better. Being passionate about spirituality, healing, high-vibrational living and creativity, my work blends these domains to present different healing modalities that support others in their purpose and paths. 


I am an intuitive healing coach and conduit, and I serve in my calling as a healer and a preceptor of self-development, spiritual practice, and vibrational alignment. Through my life experience, personal revelation, training, and work, my intention is to hold space for others on their path of healing, purpose, and alignment, while supporting their empowerment in spiritual growth and self-mastery. 

As an intuitive healing coach, I consult with my intuition to compliment the coaching modalities I present to my clients. I am extra-sensory and receive deep intuitive guidance that flows from Spirit through me as a channel. I am devoted to spiritual practice and honor the Divine in the work that I do.  


My work focuses on client centered strength-based healing techniques through a transformational approach, which recognizes the client as their own healer and focuses on the client’s ability to identify their strengths in order to vibrationally align with the solutions to their problems. My signature coaching program, LEAD: An Energy Self-Mastery Program, supports women as they master their own energy and connect with their authentic intuitive guidance in order to heal, cultivate transformation, and live their lives on purpose. Put simply, I hold space for your healing as you heal yourself. 


My areas of expertise include Trauma-Informed Self-Care, Inner-Child Work, Energy Work, Energetic Plant Medicine, Intuitive Guidance and Channeling, Strength-Based Transformational Coaching, Intention/Goal Setting, and Manifestation.


I believe that we are all responsible for our own spiritual, mental and physical health. I just help others wake up to the healer within themselves.

My spiritual practices and high-vibrational lifestyle keep me grounded and strengthen me in every aspect on my path. I believe it is up to each and every one of us to discover the ways in which we can heal and empower ourselves to live lives full of authentic alignment and love. I am here to support you in doing just that. 

About Angela Davis L