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LEAD: An Energy Self-Mastery Program

My signature coaching program, LEAD: An Energy Self-Mastery Program, supports women as they master their own energy and connect with their authentic intuitive guidance in order to heal, cultivate transformation, and live their lives on purpose. Many women begin this program with feelings of frustration because they have yet to know how to apply their energy and practice self-advocacy when attempting to manifest their intentions. Upon finishing this program these empowered women feel confident in their internal power and their abilities to live inspired and connected lives. They leave this program trusting their inner guidance while reaching their goals. This signature coaching program guides women through insightful material on Love, Empowerment, Action and Discovery (LEAD), as they become an active participant in the unfoldment of their lives. Each woman who completes this program has tangible outcomes including the mastery of their own energy, confidence in their gifts, talents, and abilities, inner peace, and a holistic vibrationally aligned lifestyle that supports them in all that they do. They become true leaders in their lives, their communities, and the world. 

My intention is to help others LEAD.


Love: Be, give, and receive love — through spiritual growth + self-mastery 


Empowerment: Be empowered — through the growth of elevated mindfulness


Action: Be mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally + materially abundant — through vibrationally based transformational action


Discovery: Use gifts, talents, strengths, passions + purpose — through exploring inner self + life lessons

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Energetic Healing Sessions

During energetic healing sessions, I work with clients to discover and work through energy blockages by employing holistic healing modalities, spiritual practice, and energetic plant and herbal practices.