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How To Ground | 5 Effortless Ways to Connect

Taking time to ground each day creates space for conscious awareness.

What does grounding mean? You may have your own definition, as the act of grounding manifests differently for each of us. However, no matter the differences in how grounding is practiced, the results are always the same; Grounding allows us to be more connected to our present moment awareness. When we are grounded, we are rooted in our bodies, yet we are able to see clearly with our intuitive mind’s eye. Being grounded allows us to reach spiritual heights as we open ourselves to guidance, joy and love.

My favorite metaphor used to relay the importance of being grounded is that of the tree. In order for a tree’s branches to reach into the sky, the tree’s roots must go deep into the ground. The same goes for us — we must be grounded deep into our vessels, so that we can create the foundations for our lives. Being rooted in the body is not the same as giving in to physical temptations or exploitation through addiction, harmful decisions, or mindless neglect. Being rooted in the body is a way to listen to the body, promoting health and cultivating a personal vibration of joy. Think of a grounding practice as support, giving you a foundation and mineral rich soil, so that your branches can reach into the sky.

When we are not grounded, we tend to have attention spans that focus on everything but the present moment. Symptoms of not being grounded can show up as fear, anxiety, depression, confusion and frustration. In this sense, being grounded allows us to find balance and sharpens our awareness as we awaken to a paradigm of mindfulness. Grounding allows us to connect with the presence of the Divine, and sets the foundation for every part of our day to take place with conscious thought and intention.

Here are five different grounding techniques that can be practiced interdependently to enhance balance, wellness and spiritual connection.

1. Connecting with Nature

Connecting with nature is, for me, most enjoyable way to effortlessly ground. Mother Earth is truly a magnetic field that emanates an inherent loving frequency, and spending time in nature allows our bioenergetic body to connect with her natural and cyclical vibration. Our bodies need balance, and spending time in nature (with bare feet to the ground) allows us to connect mind, body and spirit.

2. Reflective Journaling

Working in a journal and/or planner can be a truly enjoyable grounding practice. Setting intentions, taking time for reflection, and being aware of where you are and how you are feeling can clear out stagnant energy, helping you rebalance and reset. Journaling in nature is doubly therapeutic.

3. Quality Time

Spending time with others can be an energetically draining or fueling activity, depending on the personal vibration of those you are around. People are our mirrors and our internal experiences are reflected back to us through relationships. Connecting with loved ones who cultivate a joyous atmosphere can be a grounding experience, as we can find foundational support through loving and healthy relationships.

4. Body Service

Physical wellness is one of the most important grounding exercises (quite literally). Being grounded, in a sense, is finding comfort in your own body. When the body is in dis-ease, we may disconnect as a means to survive. Being in our bodies may be a challenge as trauma and fear gets stuck in our emotional body and pain gets stuck in the physical. Diet and exercise can transform dis-ease into health. Fresh fruits and vegetables carry the same energetic frequencies as that of Mother Earth, and eating them helps your body transform stuck energy into healthy vibrations. Exercise relieves stress and balances the etheric (physical), causal (mental) and astral (emotional) energy systems. Walking, jogging,or engaging in energy work disciplines (like qigong or yoga) are ways to spend time in nature and promote physical wellness.

5. Spiritual Relationship

Spiritual connection is the most vital grounding application. Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and free writing allow us to connect with intuition and God’s guidance. Prayer helps us ground by consciously involving our Higher Power in our affairs; when we allow God to step in, we can be confident taking steps, knowing our foundation is solid love. Meditation can be used to quiet the mind, ground into the body, and couple with the Divine. Meditation is where you feel the loving embrace and support of God. Free writing allows us to open and strengthen our intuition (the voice for God). Our intuition is the way in which our Higher Power relays it’s messages. It is here we receive guidance and hear the will for our lives— walking on our path with least resistance.

Taking time to ground each day creates space for conscious awareness. This awareness is used to maintain a healthy, happy and vibrationally aligned life. Grounding is for the mind, body and spirit — grounding is for you.

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