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Gratitude | A Spiritual and Grounding Practice

You are here, and I am grateful to share this space with you…

Gratitude is appreciative reflection. It is not only the quality of being thankful; it is a reflective process that also keeps us in the present moment. Gratitude maintains our present moment awareness on all that is good in our lives. It keeps us actively connected to our blessings and prevents us form coveting the past or being anxious about the future. It is a therapeutic and restorative experience that replenishes our wellbeing. In this sense, Gratitude is both a grounding modality and a rich spiritual wellness practice.

Practicing gratitude has several benefits and significantly increases spiritual awareness and life satisfaction. It can reduce stress-based illness by decreasing worry and anxiety; it can open our eyes to all the good in our lives, minimizing depressive thoughts and helping us maintain a vibration of joy; it can strengthen our spirit, allowing us to increase our faith in our Higher Power; and, it can even bring us more abundance, including material wealth and happy, healthy relationships.

A strong gratitude practice can be a grounding foundation in all areas of our lives, and it can guide us on the path of self-mastery. When we reflect on the things that we are grateful for, we are turning our thoughts, attention, and energy to a source of authentic joy and happiness. Practicing gratitude transforms our mental paradigms by allowing us to —optimistically and often times intuitively— see solutions instead of problems. When applied, gratitude reorients our awareness and supports us in becoming vibrational matches for fruitful experiences —joy, love, peace and abundance.

Spiritually, a gratitude practice allows for the loving direction of the Divine to be fully received. It is then we understand that gratitude and thanksgiving is truly deserved.

The most compelling way to practice gratitude is by declaring feelings of gratitude everyday, if even for just one small thing. This can be actively done by keeping a Gratitude Journal with daily reflections and thoughts of thankfulness. The peace that surpasses all understanding is found when the beautiful in life is acknowledged.


Angela Davis L

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